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Want to know more about the London Classics? Check out our list of questions below.

How do I complete the London Classics?

Participants are required to complete the London Marathon (any year since 1981), the RideLondon 100 (any year since 2013) and a two-mile swim at Swim Serpentine (any year since 2016). The three events can be completed in any order over any period of time.

How do I enter the events?

You must obtain an entry for each event through one of the official entry routes. These are explained in detail on our How to Enter page.

Is there priority entry in any event for people wanting to complete the London Classics?

No, there is no priority entry. You must obtain an entry for each event through one of the official entry routes.

How will the organisers know when I am completing the London Classics and arrange for me to collect my medal?

We ask participants who have completed two of the three London Classics events and who have a confirmed entry for the third event to complete this form prior to the third event. We then verify your results for the first two events and let you know what you need to do to collect your London Classics medal after the third event.

If I complete the London Classics again, do I get a second London Classics medal?

Yes. Every time you complete all three events in the London Classics, you will receive a London Classics medal.

I rode the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 during Hurricane Bertha in 2014 so I only cycled 86 miles. Does that count?

Yes, it does. Over the years, the weather – or other reasons beyond a rider’s control – has meant that riders were not able to complete the full 100 miles. We will check the situation with each individual rider and, in general, if the organisers have put in a diversion which means you couldn’t ride the full 100 miles, your ride will still count towards the London Classics.

If I complete two separate one mile swims at Swim Serpentine, does that count towards the London Classics?

No it doesn’t. You must complete a two mile swim at Swim Serpentine in order that your swim counts towards the London Classics.